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Can I get fabric swatches?

Yes, swatches may be obtained for most fabric/designs. An option for ordering a swatch is found on relevant product pages (temporarily unavailable online). Unfortunately because filling an order for swatches involves many of the same steps required to fill a normal product order, we do have to make a small charge for swatches. This charge (up tp £10 max.) will be refunded on request if you subsequently make a single purchase in excess of £100.

Swatches of linen double damask and linen damask are available.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Custom Item?

If your request is for a custom sized damask tablecloth with a cross-bordered/framed design which must be specially designed and woven, etc. In the past it would normally have taken about 14-18 working weeks. The bleaching and finishing process took about 8 weeks minimum.

Now, with the Thomas Ferguson new sustainable finish the full waiting time for a custom piece of table linen is cut to about 4 to 8 weeks; depending on our workload. Or whether you just want one of our standard designs re-sized, or you want a completely new bespoke design. The quantity also comes into it as well.

If your request is for a tablecloth, bedlinen, church linens, etc. cut and made from plain, or all over design fabric which we hold in stock, unless it is a large order, we will dispatch in our normal delivery period, as stated in our delivery information. However, often we can dispatch quicker within approximately 2 weeks.

Ours is a craft weaving process and quality is paramount. We always try to ensure our customers long wait is made worthwhile, and please remember designs which must be originated mean your cloth is completely unique, and has never been made before.

Design department time is generally charged per hour. The better the quality artwork supplied, generally the quicker the job, and the lower the cost. As it requires very much less time trying to interpret the design; editing time, and getting customer approval.

If you want to know more about this please ask our customer services team.

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How Long Will It Take To Get A Standard Product from the online shop?

If the item is in stock we will endeavour to dispatch as soon as possible. Normally within 3-10 days, depending on the time of the year and volume of work. If items are required to be fast tracked for a special gift or occasion we will always do our best to help. This may sometimes require a small extra charge. Please contact us with details.

We do not use the cheapest means to ship your goods as these have proved to be very unreliable in the past. People often require linens to arrive as a gift for a wedding, or a tablecloth for a special event. It cannot be late, lost or damaged, and we use tried and tested methods of shipping, which work best from our area, and which limit these unwanted problems.

In our delivery information we state delivery will normally take place within 28 days from receipt of your order. This is in part to allow for periods of annual closure, or very busy periods. These normally occur:

  • Easter - One Week
  • July - Two Weeks
  • September - One Week
  • Christmas - Two Weeks

We usually try to be faster than this, and outside the closedown periods listed we usually are much quicker. If we are out of stock in any particular item we will contact you to see if you wish to cancel or wait.

Sometimes we need to ask for patience. Thomas Ferguson is a small craft weaver, and on occasions we may be lucky enough to get a glut of orders which may fill up our capacity in cutting or sewing, etc.

Please be assured despite how it might appear at times we are always trying our best for our customers.

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What Is The Thomas Ferguson Returns Policy?

Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen is committed to providing you with total satisfaction. You may cancel your purchase of goods by notifying Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen in writing within fourteen days of receiving the goods.

Your notification stating that you wish to cancel may be given either:

  • By post to the address shown on our contact page, marked for the attention of the internet sales or
  • By fax to fax number + 44 (0)28 406 22453 marked for the attention of Internet sales, or
  • By e-mail to Enquiries

You must then return the goods to Fergusons at your own expense. Note that if you fail to take reasonable care of the goods or soil or launder them Fergusons reserves the right not to accept their return. Fergusons will refund the full purchase price to you within 30 days of the receipt of your notice of cancellation.

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Please Explain Thomas Ferguson Shipping Costs?

Thomas Ferguson only charges shipping at cost.

These costs include the actual transportation costs, and the labour and material costs of transit packing.

Due to previous bad experiences Thomas Ferguson does not use the absolute cheapest method. Ferguson products are quite costly luxury goods, often purchased as gifts, and we must do our best to ensure reliable, on time delivery for our customers. We use the method we feel gives best all round value, even though it may cost extra.

All our carriers shipping costs are charged by weight. There is an initial delivery charge, then incremental increases based on weight. Therefore, you usually get better shipping value, per unit weight, the heavier your order. Obviously the further away you are, or if you live in a remote part of the world, the more the shippers charge.

On the whole Fergusons use shipping methods where delivery must be signed for. This allows a degree of tracking, compensation for loss, and usually provides a quicker more reliable service. The aim of all our couriers is to deliver to all but the most remote parts of the world in no more than 5-6 days. Delivery within Europe is usually no more than 3 days, and within the British Isles even quicker is aimed for.

Generally the methods used are:

UK- under 2kg Royal Mail Signed For

Elsewhere- under 2kg Royal Mail International Signed For

UK- Over 2kg DPD & IFS Courier UK

TNT Next day if requested (UK only)

Ireland (ROI & North)- over 2kg Fastways or DPD

Rest of the World- over 2kg Fedex

If you require a next day service this can be provided to some areas on request. This is charged at cost, where available.

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Tell us what items are packaged suitably for use as gifts?

In most cases the packaging is stated in the explanatory text which accompanies all products. If it is absent at this stage it is definitely stated at the shopping basket stage.

Thomas Ferguson, on the whole, has the following types of packaging:

  1. Luxury Gift Box (used mainly for damask table linen)
  2. Natural Kraft Box (used mainly for natural linens)
  3. Standard Box (used for bed linen other table linen)
  4. Polybag (same presentation as in box, minus box)
  5. Handkerchief Pack (small presentation pack)
  6. Other Items Pack (basic presentation for own use, not really suitable for gift)
  7. Loose or wrapped in brown kraft paper, and tied with string (most basic presentation strictly for own use, not as gift. Used on more basic items)

All of the Thomas Ferguson fine linen damasks are supplied in luxury gift boxes. Natural (ecru) fine linens are supplied in natural kraft paper covered boxes which are in keeping with their natural finish.

Virtually all the rest of the Thomas Ferguson main table linen section in the online shop are supplied in gift boxes. The only exception are Etamine and Daisy Design table runners, which are supplied in a gift polybag presentation.

All Fergusons main section bedlinen is supplied in presentation boxes.

Handkerchiefs are generally supplied in packaging suitable for gifts.

The Gifts And Accessories supplied in boxes are suitable for gifts. Those in packs or polybags may be okay, but repackaging is recommended.

Tea Towels are quite basically packed, and again may be okay for gift packaging, but an upgrade is recommended.

Special Offers are definitely not packed as gifts. They are sold in basic packaging to keep the price down, as they are on the whole aimed at own use. Some of the handkerchief offers, or others where it is obvious from the image are of course suitably packaged for use as third party gifts.

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Will the shipper ask for my EIN (Federal Employer Identification Number)

U.S. customers may be asked to supply their E I N number by the shipping company, i.e. :, (Fedex). Your purchase will be held at U.S. customs for release, failure to supply this number may mean the items will be returned to Thomas Ferguson's, the supplier, and cause inconvenience for yourselves and a return shipping charge. 5 days are allowed before items are returned.

This is not a Thomas Ferguson requirement and should only be requested by US shipping companies. We believe it is for US tax reasons and also to do with the U.S. Patriot Act.

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Is the Thomas Ferguson online shop secure?

Thomas Ferguson appreciates customers concerns about security and does not cut corners by trying to handle credit card transactions ourselves. We use the services of experts. If you order through the online retail shop Thomas Ferguson does not hold customers credit card details.

All Thomas Ferguson online shop transactions are handled by Secure Trading. SecureTrading is the UK's leading independent Internet payment service provider.

Secure Trading systems are at physically secure locations, and use high levels of encryption to ensure the safety of your transaction information. Thomas Ferguson does not receive your credit card information, this is handled by Secure Trading.

When you get to the checkout stage of the Thomas Ferguson online shop if you look up at the URL of this page you will notice that it begins with https://. This means that it is on a Secure Server and all transactions that take place are encrypted between your browser and the server. Nobody is able to obtain your credit card details nor other information.

At the checkout stage you can pay with Visa, Switch, Mastercard, Solo or Delta.

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What do I do if I think I've duplicated my order?

Thomas Ferguson's internet payment service provider is Secure Trading. Secure Trading's systems detect possible duplicates, if all the data is identical, and suspends and does not settle both orders (only one is processed). This happens even if your duplicate order is intentional.

If your duplicate order is intentional please inform us so that we can have this default overridden.

Even though this safety feature is in place, it does no harm to inform us if you think you have duplicated an order.

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Online Shop Packaging Terms Explained

Thomas Ferguson uses various packaging options and your choice can depend on whether you want it as a gift for a friend or relation, or you want it for yourself.

As a general rule if the same item is offered in various packaging options, the lower the cost, the more basic and minimal the packaging. 

Box: suitable as a presentation gift

Polybag: suitable as a more basic gift pack

Shrink-wrapped: very basic packaging just to protect item from  soiling. Suitable for own use. This method is no longer used.

Retail Fold:a basic packaging method used for napkins and placemats. Suitable for own use.

Brown Paper: This method, which is the most common if you request no packaging, basically involves wrapping your linens in brown kraft paper and tying with string. 

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Is the Ferguson online wholesale store secure?

All Thomas Ferguson online wholesale store transactions are handled by Secure Trading. SecureTrading is the UK's leading independent Internet payment service provider.

Secure Trading systems are at physically secure locations, and use high levels of encryption to ensure the safety of your transaction information. Thomas Ferguson does not recieve your credit card information, this is handled by Secure Trading.

When you get to the checkout stage of the Thomas Ferguson online wholesale store if you look up at the URL of this page you will notice that it begins with https://. This means that it is on a Secure Server and all transactions that take place are encrypted between your browser and the server. Nobody is able to obtain your credit card details nor other information.

At the checkout stage you can pay with Visa, Switch, Mastercard, Solo or Delta.

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I paid for shipping; why pay more on delivery?

All customers have paid for the price of the linens and for shipping to their own delivery address. Any customers outside the EU have not been charged the 20% government Value Added Tax (VAT) all European customers must pay.

Instead they must pay the taxes or customs duties their own countries might levy on imported goods which have arrived in your country free from taxes. This varies from country to country. This is not a Thomas Ferguson related charge, but is internal to your own country.

These tax charges are usually passed on by Fedex, UPS, or whatever other shipping company has been used.

A message is posted at the payment stage of puchase warning that duties may be payable.

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Can I get my tablecloth pressed and ready to use?

Thomas Ferguson does not usually supply their linens pressed and ready to use, because it is creased by folding it to fit in the gift box, or pack. Usually only the presentation face of the linen is smoothed.

However, a few customers, from time to time, do ask for the tablecloths to be supplied ironed and ready to use. If this is required it can be done for most, but not all, tablecloths by contacting our sales team.

A pressed/ironed tablecloth is supplied rolled on a tube. It will not be in any gift boxes or packs. It is really only suitable for your own use. Depending on the size this will approximately cost an extra £40.00 (US $50).


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Why will the shop not accept my credit card?

If you are having trouble making a credit card payment in the Thomas Ferguson online shop, and you believe there is no problems with your credit card, the problem is still most likely with your own card provider.

If you are making an overseas payment and this is not usual for you to do with your card your provider will most likely reject the payment thinking it may be fraudulent. We see this very frequently.

All that is usually required is a quick telephone call to your credit card provider to warn them that you are making an overseas payment and that it is genuine.

All Thomas Ferguson online shop transactions are handled by Secure Trading. SecureTrading is the UK's leading independent Internet payment service provider.

Secure Trading systems are at physically secure locations, and use high levels of encryption to ensure the safety of your transaction information. Thomas Ferguson does not receive your credit card information, this is handled by Secure Trading.

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I didn't receive an acknowledgement of my order?

Thomas Ferguson sends out an acknowledgement for every order placed in the online shop.

If you did not receive an acknowledgement please  check your spam folder, or junk mail folder.

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Do Thomas Ferguson Sponsor Students?

Thomas Ferguson would very much like to help all students with free fabric as they feel passionately about the industry. They would like to encourage all young design students. However, sponsoring every student who asks is just not possible for a small business.

Thomas Ferguson receive a very large number of requests; mainly from students on fashion courses. However, the company can only offer support in very exceptional circumstances.

If you think your situation might be exceptional you should write to Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd explaining your case. This must be confirmed, on letter headed paper from your college, by a senior member of staff. If Thomas Ferguson is not satisfied with this response the offer may be declined.

If requests are too numerous, John England may not reply. Or if you do not do as stated here Thomas Ferguson will not reply.

Any support will be in the way of a reasonable amount of Thomas Ferguson unique fabrics. This must be acknowledged by you in any papers, design creations, or fashion shows.

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What is Linen?

Linen is a yarn or fabric made from the cultivated flax plant, named 'Linum usitatissimum'. It is a cellulosic plant fibre, or bast fibre, and it forms the fibrous bundles in the inner bark of the stems of the plant. The plant is an annual that grows to a height of about a metre and the fibres run the entire length of the stem and help hold it upright.

The fibre strands are normally released from the cellular and woody stem tissue by a process known as retting (controlled rotting). In Ireland this was traditionally done in water, rivers, ponds or retting dams.

The original flax to be used for its fibre was the wild, Linum angustifolium. This is not grown commercially, and is found in southwestern Europe, including Britain, to the Mediterranean, Madeira and the Canaries. It is considered by some experts to be a distinct species in its own right and the parent of Linum usitatissimum, the cultivated flax.

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What is Linen Union?

Linen is a fabric produced with a mixture of flax linen and cotton, it has a cotton warp and linen weft.

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My natural linens are getting whiter?

If you launder your natural ecru coloured linens in detergent containing OBA's (optical brightening agents) they will lose the natural colour and become more white.

It states on the care labelling not to use detergent with OBA's unless you wish your linens to move towards being bright white.

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How long will Irish linen last?

Irish linen is made from the natural flax fibre. One of nature's strongest vegetable fibres, it was used as the fibre of choice for the sails of the great clipper ships. It gets stronger when wet so is ideal to resist the rigours of the laundering process.

We are often asked how long Irish linen will last, but time is not the best measure of the value you are getting from your linens. A better and more accurate measure is the number of times it can be used, and the number of subsequent launderings before it wears out. When compared to the usage you would get from similar fabrics made from other natural fibres.

Linen fabrics can last for thousands of years if they are not used. As can be seen from funerary fabrics, and Mummy wrappings, found in ancient tombs.

In use linens are subject to repeated tension, abrasion, snags, burning and scorching. As well as chemical damage and the abrasive forces of the laundering process. Also, natural fibres may rub against harsh synthetic fibres in the washing machine drum. Bleach should never be used as a cleansing agent as it will severely weaken the fibres, and significantly reduce the life of the product.

A linen damask tablecloth may last several hundred uses, and launderings. If this is used on a few special occasions per year under normal domestic conditions the tablecloth may last generations. However, the same cloth under hotel conditions where it is used every other day may only last one or two years.

It is a similar principle for bedlinen, but it is normally a lighter weight cloth, so will not last as long. On top of this bedlinen undergoes much more rigours in use as it must carry the weight and abrasive forces of a person lying on it. The bottom sheet is subject to much more wear than the top sheet, and the weight of the person, the fibres used in their sleeping attire, the softness/hardness of the mattress, whether or not harsh synthetic fibres are used in the mattress ticking etc. must be taken into consideration. If the ticking is a harsh, clammy, synthetic it is often best to put a natural fibre mattress protector between it and your expensive Irish linen sheet, to protect it from abrasion. Ferguson's normally supply two top sheets in a boxed set of sheets. This allows the bottom sheet to be rotated, and increase its life span.

Bearing these points in mind what we can say, generally speaking, is in the absence of bleach Irish linen damask should last several hundred normal domestic laundering processes, and it will outlast other weaker natural vegetable fibres such as cotton. However, for bedlinen there are even more variables, such as the weight and number of people in the bed, how it is laundered is a major factor, the length of the wash; degree of agitation in the drum, and whether or not tough synthetic fibres are also in the drum;due to abrasion they will wear the linen quicker. The detergent used can also be a factor. So there will always be exceptions.

Ferguson's only use fabric constructions that have been tried and tested for many years. We do not change these weaves because we know from experience these fabrics give a good performance. We only buy the best quality yarns from which to weave our fabrics, and only use the best bleachers and finishers. So that  there should be minimal variation in the quality of our products from one year to the next. If your linen is not showing obvious stains or dirt you only need a laundery wash to freshen it up. So if you want your linen to last don't use a severe laundery cycle unless it is required.

Also, if there is a problem with a batch of fabric it would not be long before we knew as there would be multiple feedback.

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Are there any promotional films about Irish Linen?

A number of promotional films were made by the Irish Linen Guild mainly in the 1940's, 50's and 60's.

The most well known of these is probably The Wee Blue Blossom (1944), Directed by John Alderson.

Others include:

  • Irish Symphony (1952)
  • Irish and Elegant (1957)
  • To Last a Lifetime (1961)
  • Looking in on Irish Linen (1968)

If you wish to use any of these films they belong to the Irish Linen Guild, and they should be contacted.

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What is Irish linen?

Irish linen is probably one of the worlds older and better known brand names.

As definined by the Irish Linen Guild Irish linen is the product brand name of linen yarn or fabric produced in Ireland from flax.

The Irish linen brands 'carpet beater' trademark is the focus of all the promotional activities. It can only be used to mark genuine Irish linen products. 

The Irish Linen Guild trademark derives its meaning from the quality of the products it represents and symbolizes.


For a good definition click here:


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Why should I buy Irish Linen?

For some of the reasons why you should buy Irish linen please click here.

For a 360 degree view of Thomas Fergusons factory gift shop please click here. Fergusons sell a wide range of linens, including bargain end of line, over makes and discontinued linens.

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Tell me about the history of Irish linen?

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How best do I look after my Irish linen?

For general information on the care of Irish linen please click here.

Customers in North America might try the following resource. Please click here.

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Who was Thomas Ferguson?

Read about history of irish linen

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Where Can I Get Historic Information About Irish Linen or Irish Linen Companies?

Thomas Ferguson may be able to help with some historic information relating to Irish linen and old Irish linen companies, or antique linens. However, this is not really our area of expertise. Likewise, The Irish Linen Guild may be able to help in a limited way, but it's function is really promoting modern Irish linen companies.

For valuations of antique linens it is probably best to contact a local auction house, or antique shop. For historic information on old companies, or linens a good point of contact is the Irish Linen Museum, in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.


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Where can I get information on family members?

If you are looking for information on people, or family members, who worked for Thomas Ferguson or the Irish linen industry in the past. This is not information that is generally kept by companies. 

It is worth trying the sites suggested below.

Please click here to see sites.


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How do I find Ferguson's Irish Linen premises?

Please see our listing on Google Maps, click here, and look for Fergusons Irish linen, Banbridge.

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Why should I take a tour of the Ferguson factory?

This is a unique opportunity to see the only factory still weaving Irish linen damask. A living example of Irish heritage.

Your group will have its own guide who will explain all the stages of Irish linen weaving. You will see Irish linen being woven on the loom, and will be taken through every stage to it leaves the factory. You will be free to ask as many questions as you can in the 30-40 minute tour.

Afterwards there will be the opportunity to look and and handle various examples of our craft; and purchase some if you wish.

 If you cannot come to the factory and take a real tour, please see our film.

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Where might I buy OBA free detergent for my Thomas Ferguson linens?

As many of our customers know you should avoid detergents which contain Optical Brightening Agents (O.B.A.) as they will cause colours to alter slightly, every wash, and will detract from the appearance of the subtle white linen damask pattern. O.B.A. is particularly rious to natural unbleached linens, and may well change it's natural ecru colour to white over time. OBA free detergent is not easy to find in most stores, for one option for UK customers click here. North American customers might try here.

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Do Ferguson's still make their own products?

Thomas Ferguson is involved in the design, weaving, cutting, stitching, finishing and packaging of Irish linen articles. Over 95% of all items sold are made, or have work done on them, in our premises, and 100% of all our damask linens. They are mostly luxury linens and are made in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Woven in the Thomas Ferguson factory Banbridge, County Down.

A few items such as our Ref.009 range of table linen we can no longer get made in Ireland, because of the complex hand stitching, so this is designed by us and made overseas. Also, on on occasions due to over capacity we need to sub-contract some of our weaving of plain fabrics.

However, to keep control of the quality, and because of the very small batch sizes and bespoke nature of our business we very much try to keep as much of the production under our control as possible.

We run tours to show members of the public how modern day Irish linen is woven, you are welcome to come and see, or you can take a virtual tour.

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What are corded handkerchiefs or bordered handkerchiefs?

Men's and, to a lesser degree, ladies' handkerchiefs, are produced with a border running round the four sides. The border may be composed of cords or tapes or a combination of both. Cords are made up of a heavy 3-ply cotton which stands out from the ground linen yarns. Tapes are made up of a 2-ply cotton with 3-ply binders at either side to define them.

When bordered linen handkerchiefs are bleached in the piece, we have an all-white cloth, but the Cords and Tapes, made from heavier yarn than the ground linen yarns, stand out in relief.


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What is Linen Damask?

Linen damask is a figured fabric made from one warp and one weft in which, generally, warp-satin and weft-sateen weaves interchange. Twill or binding weaves are sometimes introduced.

Pure Linen Damask is the name given to products woven from pure flax yarns in a special manner so that subtle patterns are visible even in an all white cloth, woven from all white yarns. This process requires threads to be woven in contrasting directions, which creates a pattern that is visible when viewed at certain angles. Across large surfaces, damask fabrics are most extraordinary, as shifting light sources continually reveal new designs to the eye in hide and seek fashion.

Thomas Ferguson's often large complex designs are produced on looms with Jacquard attachments to give even more control of the warp and weft yarns during weaving.

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What is the difference between Linen Damask and Linen Double Damask?

Double damask is a fabric from another era. To maximise the production benefits of modern weaving looms a higher warp thread count is normally used than weft thread count. This allows more cloth, of a given weight, to be produced for less weft picks.

Double damask is different from ordinary damask in that it has a lower warp thread count than weft thread count; this allows a dense high thread count fabric to be produced, as the weft yarns are beat up tight in the fabric. However, it is a much more expensive way of weaving because it takes longer to weave a given length of fabric. Also, to allow this dense packing of yarn a looser twill weave is used than in ordinary damask.

Apart from the higher thread count there are certain designs which are exclusive to double damask, because the higher number of yarns allows finer definition and some designs, such as Fine Scroll, because of its fine detail require the high thread count of double damask to bring out the best in it.

So to summarise the differences, double damask uses finer more high quality weft yarn, it has a higher weight per unit area, it has more weft picks than warp ends per inch, it is a different weave, it is a more expensive weaving process because you get less fabric per hour because of the extra picks, and often the loom has to be run slower to avoid damaging the yarns because of the tight beat up. On top of this its designs can be more intricate because of the higher definition allowed with the greater thread count. It will also last longer as the finer higher quality yarns allow more launderings, and hence a longer life.

In the past when there were many Irish linen companies, and there was over-capacity of production in the industry. Some unscrupulous weavers, in order to use the name double damask, produced a lower quality fabric by lowering the thread count. They wished to use the name, because a proper well made double damask was associated with quality, and could achieve a premium price in the market.

As stated earlier, to allow the dense packing of yarn, a looser twill weave is used when weaving double damask than in ordinary damask. This requires a high thread count to stabilise the fabric. With a low thread count this was not the case.

These poorly made fabrics were sub standard, and normal damask was in many instances a better buy. This forced the hand of the Irish Linen Guild and they brought in a minimum thread count for double damask.

Those days are long gone, and today, Thomas Ferguson double damasks are most defintely a high quality, premium product, woven from superior quality yarns to normal damask. Giving a higher definition design capability, a longer life. Most of all an overall higher quality product, a best in the world, that will be another small thing to surround yourself with that will help enrich your general quality of life.

"My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky"
 William Wordsworth

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Do my linens need to be dry cleaned?

Thomas Ferguson's 100% linen fabrics do not generally need to be dry cleaned. These Thomas Ferguson linens can be easily cared for at home

However, if you are buying fabric and making it up into garments with lining, or embellishments it may need to be dry cleaned. Garments that are made up from fabric which has not been pre-shrunk may also need to be dry cleaned, to minimise shrinkage.

Thomas Ferguson weave linen mixed with other fibres; such as wool. If in doubt about how to wash wool it is best to dry clean. However, depending on the labelling they can often be machine washed. However, it is very important to use the wool cycle setting. This is a setting with a more gentle drum agitation, and at 40 degrees C. This gentle action is just as important as the lower temperatures required for wool. Too much agitation can felt the wool.

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What is the widest fabric which Thomas Ferguson can weave?

Thomas Ferguson can weave Linen Damask fabric up to approx. 3m (117 inches) wide. Plain linen is also available in a similar maximum width. There is almost no limit to the length which can be woven.

If you require table or bedlinen of a wider width it is a common practice for the company to join fabrics with a side or centre seams to increase the width.

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Do you supply sizes other than those listed?

Yes, this is what Thomas Ferguson specialise in, we are pleased to offer custom sizes in many of our collections.

For further information or to order a custom size, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Please note that custom items are not returnable unless defective, and as they are often designed, woven, finished and made up from scratch they can take 12-14 working weeks to complete. Where design work is required there will also be an extra charge.

Custom sizes which are made up from standard fabric will take only a few weeks, and can be fast tracked in a shorter period if required, at a small extra charge.

Please note we normally require orders for any special to be greater than £150.

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Do Thomas Ferguson have any other designs?

Thomas Ferguson Irish linen has nearly 200 damask tablecloth designs. Most of these are from our 19th and 20th century archives and have not yet been put in a format to weave on a modern loom. Many have not been woven for many years.

If you want a very unique tablecloth or napkin woven from these archive designs please email for details. There will be an extra charge for design work.

Please see an album of our archived designs by clicking here.


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Will Irish Linen Shrink when laundered?

The simple answer is yes. It is a natural product made from natural fibres and will shrink in the wash. If the after wash dimensions are important to you the fabric can be pre-shrunk or  over-sized to reasonably well allow for shrinkage. The majority of Thomas Ferguson standard items do not allow for shrinkage. So if in doubt please ask.

Some of Thomas Fergusons plain linens have a Controlled Compressive Shrinkage procedure applied to them ( SANFORIZED). If you require these fabrics to be used please ask sales.

For more information on shrinkage and sizing please click here.

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Do Thomas Ferguson Provide a Cut & Sew Service?

Thomas Ferguson is primarily a weaving business. The company does have a few seamstresses and cutters, but this small team is employed exclusively to make up the table linen element of the company business.

The company does not provide a commission sewing service, nor does it work on customers own fabric as the capacity of the employees is fully utilised on Thomas Ferguson's own business.


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What can Thomas Ferguson fabrics be used for?

Thomas Ferguson can supply fabrics for a range of end uses. The majority of our fabrics are linen or linen blends.We are able to keep minimum orders sizes, for stock items, to 5 metre, and our minimum custom dye run of 60 metres. We can also supply larger orders up to thousands of metres. 

Our minimum weaving order for specialist fabrics is 30 metres. However, on a one-off basis we will  weave down to 12 metres for a sample order. 

Please remember Thomas Ferguson is a weaver and wholesaler and that any order for a fabric under 250m length is considered a small order, so if you wish to take advantage of the most favourable prices please try to keep orders above 250 metres. 


Thomas Ferguson can weave custom fabrics for most end-uses, but below are some examples of Thomas Ferguson fabrics more common end-uses: 

  1.     Apparel linens  (plain fabrics ), Jacquard damasks, etc.           
  2.     Theatrical costumes (not supplied flameproofed as standard) 
  3.     Upholstery (rub tested) (not supplied flameproofed)        
  4.     Curtains (not supplied flameproofed as standard) 
  5.     Loose Covers (not supplied flameproofed as standard)
  6.     Bed linen up to 3 metres wide, white and ecru.
  7.     Table linen (plain linens and damask, up to 3 metres wide) 
  8.     Printing fabrics 
  9.     Huckaback towelling fabric 
  10.     Fabrics for ecclesiastical linens (mainly white Irish linen) 
  11.     Handkerchief fabric (plain) 
  12.     Irish linen wedding dress fabric
  13.     Kitchen towels, glass towels, tea towels

 Whilst Thomas Ferguson is first and foremost a weaver they do supply a cutting/sewing service to their fabric buying customers to make up finished items.


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Can you dye special colours for us?

The simple answer to this question is yes.

The main fabric widths Thomas Ferguson carry have a finished width of c.150cm and c.183cm. In these two widths we can supply special dye batches down to a about 250 metres in length. This figure can be reduced down to about 60 metres length, at an extra cost, for the 150cm width only.

In the wider widths up to c. 3 metres wide the minimum dye batch is also 250 metres.

For a special dye batch the lead time is approximately 6 to 9 weeks. Time is taken to match your colour and get the customers approval of the colour from a dyed swatch. Once the colour has been matched and approved repeat orders for the special colour can be around 4-5 weeks.



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Tell us about Fergusons shade of white?

There are many shades of white.

Traditionally Thomas Ferguson damask linen was ivory white. This was its unique shade, and showed the linen had not been over processed.

Ferguson white has been traditionally ivory white, and this is what Thomas Ferguson referred to as white.

In more recent years plain linen has been added to the range and due to demand from some sectors of the market a bright optical white was added to the collection. This better suited bed linen, and some other items. However, now it is also used for table linen as well.

Generally speaking if you buy Ferguson table linen you will get ivory white; if you buy bed linen you will get optical bright white. If you require different than this you should specify.

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Is flax (linen) difficult to weave?

Even though flax has a high tensile strength the weaving effeciency for flax is very low. Few other fibres are as difficult to weave as flax. It is said the effeciency of flax is 20% lower than that for cotton weaving.

To weave flax it is important the ambient conditions are best suited. The weaving area should be air conditioned so that the relative humidity is at least 75% (21 degrees centigrade), anything lower reduces weaving effeciency.

It is also important to keep the dust produced from the yarns rubbing against each other and the machinery to a minimum. This can reduce weaving effeciency and reduce the quality of the fabric.

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The coloured stripe on your tea towels is cotton?

How can you call your tea towels 100% linen when the coloured stripe is cotton?

Traditionally the coloured stripe on Irish linen tea towels has been cotton for many years. The UK Textile Products (Labelling and Fibre Composition) Regulations 2012 state that the following fibres shall be ignored in determing fibre composition of a textile product (Article 20 of the EU Regulations):

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What is a Cross Bordered/Framed Design Tablecloth?

Proper damask tablecloths come in a number of standard sizes. A good tablecloth will have damask pattern specially designed to fit each standard size. They will have a plain border, and a square, rectangular, circular or oval (D-End) outer pattern, and an inner pattern running around all four sides. If there is one flaw in one of these tablecloths during weaving or making-up the whole item is lost, so they are very costly to produce.

Cheaper tablecloths can be cut from plain, or damask fabric with an all over design, or with the two pattern bands running the whole length of the fabric (no cross bands). The tablecloth of the required size does not have to be designed, but can be simply cut to size from the fabric bolt. This tablecloth is less costly to produce because if there is a small fault on the fabric, that small strip can simply be cut off, wasting maybe only a few centimetres.

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What is a D-End Tablecloth?

Tablecloths although sometimes referred to as oval in shape, are usually not. They should strictly be referred to as D-ended. The middle part of each tablecloth has straight sides, and only the ends are semi-circular, or D-ended, to fit a table of the same shape.

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What Size Of Tablecloth Do I Require To Fit My Table?

Thomas Ferguson stock sizes fit standard size tables. If you require a custom size tablecloth please contact us. We will be pleased to help.

As a rule of thumb, 30cm (12 inches) should be allowed for drape at each side and end, meaning that a tablecloth should ideally be 60cm (24 inches) wider and longer than the corresponding table. To help with the calculation please see the Thomas Ferguson Tablecloth Size Calculator.

This calculator does not take natural shrinkage into account. This can be ignored on smaller tablecloths, but on large tablecloths, where shrinkage can be significant, a washed size cloth should be asked for, i.e. this is manufactured and supplied oversized to allow for shrinkage.

If you require a different overhanging/drape length on your tablecloth, maybe down to the ground, this will need to be calculated separately. The size calculator does not allow for this.

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Why Bother With A Tablecloth?

This article which was pointed out to us in the Massachusetts publication, South Coast Today. Probably sums it up with the use of irony.


Thanksgiving is time of year when everyone should bother

Why use a tablecloth when it's sure to get stains on it? A plastic cover only requires wiping. Why use real napkins, when they would only need to be washed and ironed afterwards? Paper can be thrown away. Why use the silver, when it would have to be polished first? There's enough of the everyday stuff if the children use the picnic things. Why use the good china, when it probably shouldn't go in the dishwasher and will have to be done by hand? With paper plates, you don't even have to scrape off the garbage. Why use the good glasses, when someone is bound to break one? With plastic glasses, no one has to be nervous. Why get flowers for the table, when they're so expensive and they don't last? Nobody notices, anyway. Why set the table at all, when things can be put out buffet-style for people to take what they want? That way, you don't have to serve them and they can fight among themselves over the drumsticks. Why use platters, when it would just mean getting something else dirty? Today's pots are made to go from the oven to the table. Why plan on having everyone sit down together, when they always wander in at different times and get up from the table whenever they feel like it? They would probably prefer watching television during dinner to making conversation, anyway. Why dress up, when jeans and running clothes are more comfortable? It's only going to be family and friends. Ah, yes. Welcome to the contemporary Thanksgiving dinner, where the theme of the day is: Why bother? This is a rather serious revision of the old theme, which Miss Manners recalls as having to do with giving thanks for bounty and the ability to share it with honored guests. It also happens to wipe out the purpose of ceremony as a special occasion where the spiritual meaning is symbolically expressed in aesthetic terms. Mind you, Miss Manners is not indifferent to the fact that it takes work and money to put on a festive dinner. She wouldn't dream of wondering why the holiday trash is filled with cans and cartons, or whether the hosts have personally crushed cranberries into jellied oblivion. And she is aware that gracious celebrations are often put on by people whose only collection of silver is kept in their change purses. It's not the dry goods; it's the attitude. No, wait. Miss Manners doesn't quite mean that. It's the dry goods, too. Let's not have any of that nonsense along the lines of "What's the difference how I dish out the food as long as I have a good heart?" What she means is that hospitality is about taking whatever trouble you can, and putting out the best of what you have, whatever it is. Deciding that the best household possessions are too good to be used for the same people family and friends who sent them as wedding presents in the first place is not what she would call the proper spirit. Thus, it is the concept of hospitality, much more than the silver, that has become tarnished and ugly. Hosts have adopted the cynical approach of asking what's in it for them. Admittedly encouraged in this by guests who won't do their share who won't show up when asked, dress for the occasion, stay through the meal, or make themselves charming to others they refuse to put themselves out for a bunch of ingrates. The result is that there will be a lot of hosts and guests assembling for the holidays with the determination to do as little as possible to put themselves out for one another. Miss Manners wonders why they bother."


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How do I set a table properly?

Taking advice from the Emily Post Institute which states that setting a table is not as difficult as it seems. There are three occasions described:

  1. Basic Everyday Place Setting
  2. Informal Place Setting
  3. Formal Place Setting

For information on table manners and how to behave please click here.

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How accurate a size do I need to quote for my tablecloth?

All Thomas Ferguson linens are quoted to a size tolerance of +/- 3% (not including shrinkage), as is stated on account holders order acknowledgements.

Weaving linen is a craft art and is not a precision science such as engineering with metal. Exact sizes are not easily achievable, nor are they normally necessary, so Ferguson's do not usually go to the extra costs of producing near precise sizes unless the customer makes a clear and specific request, in writing, for a very special purpose. Under certain circumstances they can be achieved, to a reasonable level of precision, at an extra cost. Tablecloths can either be supplied over sized; or pre-shrunk.

It must also be remembered that fabrics made from natural fibres, such as linen, shrink after laundering. This is stated on the label and can be in the order of 4 to 5% in the width and 7 to 8% in the length. However, with most items other than very long tablecloths this is not too significant, and can to an extent be disregarded by allowing a reasonable all round drop  of 30-45cm (12-18"), on top of the table top dimensions. For extra long, or very large, tablecloths please ask Ferguson's for advice.

All items can be produced oversized to allow for shrinkage. So sizes quoted are after wash dimensions. This is done by request only.

You can use the Ferguson interactive size guide to help choose a tablecloth size, for your table. This will direct you to the nearest standard size which is normally in stock, however specials, or custom sizes can be made on request.

It is much more cost effective for customers to accept the nearest standard size than to request a special custom cloth. Custom cloths must be individually designed and woven, and carry quite a lot of extra cost.

However, often our customers simply want the best and won't compromise on anything.

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I do not understand what size of sheet I require for my bed?

For further help on sheets and pillowcases and their sizes.A good explanation is found in Wikipidia, and in

Beds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most countries have a standard set of four sizes of mattresses. While the Double size appears to be standard among English speaking countries, based on the imperial measurement of 4ft 6in by 6ft 3in, the sizes for other bed types tend to vary. The European sizes differ; they are based on the metric system.

The sizes in the UK, other than the Double, vary compared to the U.S. sizes, being generally smaller. The U.S. Queen corresponds to UK King and King to Super King. The European or continental basic sizes are similar to the UK but have a set length of 2 metres. The denominations Queen, King and Super King are not used in continental Europe, and Double refers to 140cm or any higher width. Instead of these US/UK denominations, the bed width is given in centimeters.

With flat sheets the size should be at least 24" (61cm) wider and longer than the mattress. If you own an extra-deep mattress, be aware of the extra allowance required. Choose the largest sizes available so there will be an adequate length to tuck in at least 12" (31cm) underneath the end of the bed. In some cases it may be necessary to purchase the next size up (a queen flat sheet for a double bed, etc.), in order to cover the deeper mattress.

For fitted sheets Fergusons make these individually for each customer. You will need to supply the mattress width, length and depth.

Pillowcases should be at least 4" (10cm) longer than the pillow. For more on pillows and the sizes click here.

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What does the count of bed linen mean?

Thread count generally applies to woven fabrics. It is the number of weft yarns (picks) in a specified length of fabric plus the number of warp yarns (ends) in a specified width of the fabric. Warp and weft strands are counted as single units, regardless of the number of yarn plies.

In the case of bed linen consumers have often been misled by claims of thread counts. Its definition has at times been corrupted to mean the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, multiplied by their respective number of single yarns in a plied yarn in a one-inch square of fabric. This meant a fabric made from two ply yarns was described as 800 count, when it should have correctly been labelled 400 count.

Thread count is a simple measure of the quality of the fabric and it refers to its coarseness or fineness. Whilst this may be a consideration, there are other important features to consider when measuring comfort, quality, and value: the type of fibre, the reaction obtained from the sense of touch of the fabric, and the nature of the finishing process.

Often people try to measure the quality of linen sheets by trying to compare the thread counts of linen with the more familiar cotton bed linen counts. However, to compare the thread count of one with the other is not to compare like with like. The count can only really be used to compare cotton sheeting with cotton sheeting and vice versa.

Flax linen is generally regarded as one of the finest qualities of bed linen you can buy, cool crisp linen bed sheets are prized above all others for their enhanced properties and their naturalness, purity, smoothness, durability and beauty, and they are considered by many to be the healthiest material for sleeping. Made from the fibre of the flax plant, linen has by its nature a lower thread count than cotton percale as the threads are thicker and more loosely woven. Also, as the yarn is rarely used in the plied form there is less confusion as to whether it is the true thread count or not. When new, linen has a slightly 'slubby' appearance, but the more it is washed the softer and more luminous it becomes. So it improves with age and use. Linen is more expensive than cotton, as it requires many more process to take it to the fabric stage, but with normal domestic use it is very long lasting and once you've experienced sleeping in linen, nothing else is quite the same.

Thomas Ferguson bed linen technical details are as follows:

Superior Range (Ref.No.12):  22 ends/cm (44 linen lea NeL) x 22 picks/cm (44 linen lea NeL)

Premier Range (Ref. No.13): 29.5 ends/cm (55 linen lea NeL) x 26.3 picks/cm (66 linen lea NeL)

Premier Deluxe Range (Ref. No.16): 30 ends/cm (74 linen lea NeL) x 28 picks/cm (74 linen lea NeL)

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Is Ferguson's bed linen eco friendly?

This has been quite well explained by Otto Furniture.

"Hemp and flax, in stark comparison with cotton, grow like weeds without little if any help from potentially dangerous chemicals, need a fraction of the water, are waste-free crops (producing, for instance, seeds, oils and a fibrous pulp that is used for bank notes) and actually enhance soil rather than depleting it.
And what is more, linen is luxuriantly cooling and although it tends to be considerably more expensive and time-consuming than cotton, the initial outlay and upkeep are more than repaid by decades of pleasurable use. Isn't ironing the new baking, anyway?"

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How does your drop shipping facility work?

Drop shipping is becoming increasingly popular with online retailers and suppliers. Thomas Ferguson's online wholesale store is now offering our wholesale customers the option to use a drop shipping facility alongside the standard shipping method. This new process is really very simple to use.

The online drop shipping enables retailers to sell Thomas Ferguson linens without having to hold large quantities of stock. You sell the product to the customer at a retail price which you decide. Once your customer has placed the order with you, you then place the order with the Ferguson online wholesale website, in the normal way, at a wholesale price. At the shopping basket stage, you add the new shipping address for your customer, and choose the shipping option. Ferguson's then send the product straight to your customer. This saves any further effort on your part, and also saves one extra shipping cost, from you to your customer. You invoice your own customer, and you keep the difference between wholesale and retail prices for your efforts.

Due to initial set up costs for the account we do ask that the first order is at least £300 (US $500 or €400). There is no limit after that. However, we would remind customers that the shipping costs can be disproportionately high on small or low value orders.

Thomas Ferguson's will not solicit your customer for sales thereafter.

If you have any queries regarding our drop shipping facility please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our normal terms and conditions of trade apply. As to our privacydelivery and returns policies.

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What is the minimum wholesale order size?

If you qualify as a wholesale customer. Please click here to see how to get wholesale prices.

The minimum wholesale order size is:


Thomas Ferguson range: £400 (€475) & (US $500)


Thomas Ferguson however consider these very small orders and do not encourage wholesale customers to place orders this small on a regular basis. They are not good for us or our customers. As at wholesale prices they cannot cover overheads, and are disproportionately expensive to ship. Few manufacturers survive by offering wholesale prices for retail quantities.

To encourage larger order sizes there is free packing and delivery within the UK and Ireland for orders over £1,000 in value.

There are currently no minimum orders on the Thomas Ferguson online wholesale store for repeat business, of stock items. However, to open an account an initial order of £300 ($500) must be paced to demonstrate a degree of commitment, and to help pay initial account set-up costs.

For any specials we really need an order of several hundred pounds to be able to quote competitively. If it is a special we have made before, possibly for someone else, some of the set-up and development costs are already paid so we may be able to accept smaller orders. The minimum order size for any special (non standard item) is currently £150. If no other items are being ordered it is of course the full £400.

For more on small orders please click here.

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Drop Shipping Service

Thomas Ferguson provides an online wholesale drop shipping service for the use of Thomas Ferguson wholesale customers who place orders via the Thomas Ferguson online wholesale facility Then specify that the goods are sent to the wholesale customers third-party retail customers.

If a non-trade customer has had an account approved in error, we reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders placed.  If an order is accepted in error from a non-trade customer and despatched the customer may keep the goods, however any future order will be cancelled and the account closed. The end-customer will not be dis-advantaged.

To find out more please contact our sales staff, or register for the online wholesale facility.

Our normal terms and conditions of trade apply. As to our privacy, delivery and returns policies.


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Can I get better prices by buying online?

The prices on all online purchases have some discount built in. This is to incentivize customers to use this means of ordering. The prices in the online wholesale store cannot be used if a customer wishes to telephone or fax their order. In this case prices should be taken from the latest Thomas Ferguson printed price list, which is available on request.

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Do Thomas Ferguson sell apparel fabrics?

Whilst a number of the fabrics Thomas Ferguson have in their range can be used for apparel this is not their main market.

Thomas Ferguson mainly focus on luxury interior textiles made from flax linen.

Thomas Ferguson works very closely with another company called John England (Banbridge) Ltd. John England is a sister company to Thomas Ferguson, and also a member of  Franklins Group

John England can provide a wide range of apparel fabrics woven from 100% linen and also blends of linen with wool and other fibres. These are available in a number of colours from stock, and special dye runs can also be supplied for quite low minumums.

John England also supplies a range of coloured fabrics for curtains and upholstery.

We strongly recommend that any customers looking for fabrics of these type contact the John England sales team. To contact John England sales please click here.


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Do Thomas Ferguson supply ecclesiastical linen

Yes, Thomas Ferguson for many years has supplied ecclesiastical/liturgical linen fabrics, or we can alternatively supply made up and embroidered items such as altar cloths, purificators, corporals, lavabo towels, palls, credence cloths, etc.

For further information please contact our sales team.

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Do Ferguson's supply hotels and restaurants?

Most hotels and restaurants come to Thomas Ferguson because they want quality bespoke items, and they want the facility of being able to get small top-ups.

Ferguson's can weave linens with your own design or company logo, or use standard products and embroider a logo on them. Special dye runs can also be done for relatively short batches, and widths can be woven up to 3 metres wide.

Some hotels take just kitchen towels or glass cloths with their name on the centre stripe, others take custom tablecloths or napkins, or huckaback towels for guest or bidet towels. Irish linen bed linen can also be supplied to custom sizes.

Many of our customers realize the advantage of being able to use the Irish linen brand in their marketing as it is another thing to set them apart from the norm. Other just want European, or UK made products.


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Do Thomas Ferguson Weave Baby Wrap Fabric

Yes, Thomas Ferguson does weaves unique baby carrier fabric for a number of customers. With the customers own design.

Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

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Do Thomas Ferguson Supply Linen for Aeroplanes?

Thomas Ferguson does not specifically weave linen for use on planes. Our fabric is not woven to British standard BS9F1.

However, we have supplied linen for this purpose.

Please click here for specialist suppliers for this end use.

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What do Thomas Ferguson consider a small order?

This question is regarding wholesale orders, and it is not as easy a question as it sounds. Product mix, and a number of other factors come into it. However, from a sales and administration point of view it is as expensive to process a £50 order as it is to process a £5,000 order.

Thomas Ferguson are selling at wholesale prices so must get volume of one particular item to fully justify these reduced wholesale prices. Few manufacturers survive by offering wholesale prices for retail quantities.

Generally speaking any wholesale order under £1000 is definitely a small order. To encourage customers to place orders over £1000 we offer free delivery in the UK and Ireland on orders over this amount.

Ideally we are most competitive if wholesale orders are over about £3000 in value.

If customers place orders over about £5000 of one particular item this allows us to be much more competitive in manufacturing and we can pass on discounts to our customers to encourage larger orders.

Some orders may be over £3000, but for a wide mix of products. This does not really help us achieve much manufacturing effeciency unless all these items are our standard stock items.

Very small orders for special, or one-off products, are very difficult to make competitively, and we cannot really accept any worth less than £150 in value; and this is pushing the limit. Sometimes if it is a repeat order for a special we can take smaller orders.


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Why are custom items more expensive?

Thomas Ferguson is a factory and needs bulk orders to apply economies of scale.

For orders of the same type of item over about £4000 in value you will probably find custom items are not much more expensive than standard items.

Standard items have long ago paid their set-up costs. Which may include product design, set-up costs for weaving, drawing up technical specifications or data sheets, shrinkage tests, etc.

Custom products have to pay for all these costs out of often one job only, as many custom items are only made on a one-off basis.

For this reason custom/bespoke items cannot be compared to our standard stock items. Which can also be made in bulk at times that suit the business.



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Do Thomas Ferguson Grant Credit Terms?

Thomas Ferguson & Co. Ltd very much want to help good wholesale customers in any way they can to increase their business.

Therefore the company will grant credit terms to regular trade customers with whom there is a regular trading relationship.

Credit terms are not normally offered to new customers on a first purchase, or for small purchases, or for those who only do small amounts of business each year.

If a first time customer is placing a larger order credit terms may be granted subject to credit checks.

Credit checks are regularly carried out and terms may be reduced or removed if there is an unfavourable report following a check.

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Can you make specials for us?

Thomas Ferguson is more than happy to quote for specials, but to give the best value we need a significant number of the same item. We cannot give wholesale prices for retail quantities.

Regarding minimums Thomas Ferguson is able to offer specials if the value of the item (or very similar items) is in excess of £200.

Please remember for special woven items there is a design origination cost for special sizes, and designs. This is charged at £50 per hour (2017). If you are ordering 10's or 100's of items this design cost can become insignificant. However, it is much more noticeable if you are ordering only a few or one item.

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What is your minimum wholesale order?

Understandably Thomas Ferguson cannot sell retail quantities at wholesale prices. To get wholesale prices we need our customers to give us larger orders.

Thomas Ferguson has quite low minimum order values for wholesale orders. This is £400 UK (€475 EU, $500 US).

Within these orders individual items should be in excess of £50 value, and any special should exceed £150 in value.

Carriage, handling and packing costs are disproportionately higher for small orders.

Carriage, handling and packing costs are free, within the UK and Ireland for orders over £1000 (€1200).

Smaller orders for more standard items can be accomodated by ordering in the online wholesale store.


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Why is Thomas Ferguson not getting back to me?

It is the aim of Thomas Ferguson to reply to every genuine enquiry. There are a few reasons why we might not get back to customers. 

  1. Your email may have been stopped by our spam software.
  2. Thomas Ferguson gets a lot of bogus or scam enquiries. The company has a few trigger points which indicate an inquiry being of this nature. Unfortunately it can sometimes catch genuine enquiries from good customers. It is a company rule not to enter into communication with potential scammers.
  3. Even with good systems there can be human error of one type or another.

If we don't get back to you please don't give up. We really do want to help you. It's still difficult to beat a phone call.


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How do I get wholesale prices?

To get Thomas Ferguson linens at wholesale prices you must register on the wholesale part of our site. Or speak to a member of the sales team.

The main purpose of offering wholesale prices is to enable third party companies to trade in Thomas Ferguson's Irish linen.

Thomas Ferguson Irish Linens is pleased to offer wholesale prices to trade customers who manufacture or sell linens, or to hotels, restaurants or laundries who use linen in significant quantities as part of their business.

We do not generally offer wholesale prices to businesses in unrelated trades who wish to buy small quantities for gifts, or for their own use. Simply being in business does not qualify a customer for wholesale prices.

Thomas Ferguson will offer discounts to business customers, from unrelated businesses, who wish to purchase significant quantities of linens for one-off promotions or gifts. This would normally be expected to be in excess of £1000 minimum.

Few manufacturers survive by offering wholesale prices for retail quantities.

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Will Fergusons carry sufficient stock for my shop?

Thomas Ferguson has a very wide product range and cannot carry large stocks of every item. Fergusons does try to carry some stock of all the items listed in the standard wholesale price list, or on the online shop.

Ferguson's usually tries to carry sufficient stock of each of the items in the price list to last 2-3 months. This is based on historical sales. However, sometimes sales of a particular item, or a range of items, takes off and we are caught short. Fergusons is a small business and we rely on our retailers, and distributors also carrying some buffer stock so that the end user can always buy Ferguson's linens.

If you wish always to have stock available it is definitely best to try to plan and place forward orders and then call them off over the year. These can then be woven early and made up ready for you to call off when you wish.

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Who are Wholesale Customers?

The main purpose of offering wholesale prices is to enable third parties to trade in Thomas Ferguson's Irish linen.

Thomas Ferguson Irish Linens is pleased to offer wholesale prices to trade customers who manufacture or sell linens, or to hotels, restaurants or laundries who use linen in significant quantities as part of their business.

We do not generally offer wholesale prices to businesses in unrelated trades who wish to buy small quantities for gifts, or for their own use. Simply being in business does not qualify a customer for wholesale prices. If in doubt please discuss with our sales staff.

Thomas Ferguson will offer discounts to business customers, from unrelated businesses, who wish to purchase significant quantities of linens for one-off promotions or gifts.

If you wish to set up a wholesale account please visit our contact our sales staff direct.

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