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  • Banbridge

    Banbridge  is the town in County Down, Northern Ireland in which Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen is based. It lies on the River Bann and the A1 road.

  • Banbridge Rugby Football Club

    Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen will again be sponsoring Banbridge RFC in the forthcoming 2019-2020 season.

    The sponsorship is taking the form of boxed set of Irish linen napkins. This is presented as a gift to the President of each visiting team. The napkins are embroidered with details of each individual match.


    Banbridge RFC is our local rugby club, serving all the community.

  • European Masters of Linen

    10 000 companies in 14 European countries are involved in the linen industry. Flax cultivation has a unique role in the agro-industial industry.

    From plant to finished fabrics, all stages of production and transformation are represented and different professions in the industry work together from growers and scutchers to spinners, weavers, knitters, finishers and traders.

  • Franklins Group

    The small group of companies of which Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen is a member.

  • Franklins International Ltd

    The parent company of Thomas ferguson Irish Linen.

    Franklins International Ltd. specialise in the manufacture and supply of quality woven and embroidered badges, woven garment labels, embroidered clothing, as well as other specialist products. To a wide range of markets all over the UK and Ireland.

    They supply to youth organisations, commercial companies, military, emergency and security services at local, national and international levels within the government, sports, industrial, fashion and promotional markets.

  • John England (Banbridge) Ltd.

    John England is a partner company and they work very closely with Thomas Ferguson.

    John England is a designer, stockist, and wholesaler of unique linen apparel and interior fabrics. They stock a wide range of off-the-shelf linens.

    John Englands strength is the ability to offer quickly from stock, quality linens to their customers at very competitive prices and reasonable minimum order levels. With a personal service.

    They hold a stock of dyed fabrics in their more popular lines, and have a weaving factory on their premises where they can weave special custom fabrics or Jacquard designs up to 3 metres in width. They can also dye to order, again with very reasonable minumum order levels.

  • Public Records Office of Northern Ireland

    The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) aims to identify, preserve and make available Northern Ireland's unique archival heritage and community memory.

    Use PRONI's collection of archives
    to research your family and local history. Browse information leaflets, search online archives .

  • The Irish Linen Guild

    Founded in 1928, the Irish Linen Guild is the official promotional organization of the Irish Linen industry.

    The Guilds main role is to promote and protect the good name of Irish Linen in national and international markets through the Guild website, and to provide a networking opportunity for our members. Our promotional activities seek to emphasise the distinctive quality of Irish linen, and to raise awareness of the marketing and practical advantages its use can bring to our customers or their businesses.

    The Irish Linen brand's trademark is the focus of all promotional activities. It can only be used to mark genuine Irish linen products such as linen yarn spun in Ireland and linen fabrics woven in Ireland by members of the Guild.

  • The National Archives of Ireland
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