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  • Westminster Abbey Altar Cloth

    Thomas Ferguson Ref. 8/8 Irish linen fabric in use as an altar cloth in Westminster Abbey, London.

  • Ralph Bauer Investiture

    Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd Chairman, Mr Ralph Günther Bauer receiving his MBE from Prince Charles.

    Ralph Bauer was awarded the MBE in the Queen''s Birthday Honours list 2017 for services to Textiles Manufacturing in Northern Ireland.

  • Thomas Ferguson Products


    Thomas Ferguson tries to be a flexible weaver that aims to give our customers the fabrics they want, with input to their own designs. One tablecloth with a bespoke Jacquard design, or custom size is not uncommon for us to weave.


    We can supply fabrics for a range of end uses. The majority of our fabrics are linen or linen blends.We are able to keep minimum orders sizes, for stock items, to 5 metre, and our minimum custom dye run of 60 metres, and weaving to about 15 metres. We can also supply larger orders up to thousands of metres.


    Our minimum weaving order for specialist fabrics is 30 metres. However, on a one-off basis we will  weave down to 10 metres for a sample order. However, larger quantities are more competitively priced as there is more meterage over which to spread transaction costs.


    Some examples of Thomas Ferguson fabrics are shown below:

    1. Bed linen (fabrics up to 3 metres+ wide, optical white and ecru as standard)         

    Thomas Ferguson bed linen technical details are as follows:

    Superior Range (Ref.No.12):  22 ends/cm (44 linen lea NeL) x 22 picks/cm (44 linen lea NeL)

    Premier Range (Ref. No.13): 29.5 ends/cm (55 linen lea NeL) x 26.3 picks/cm (66 linen lea NeL)

    Premier Deluxe Range (Ref. No.16): 30 ends/cm (74 linen lea NeL) x 28 picks/cm (74 linen lea NeL)

             2. Table linen (plain and Jacquard up to c. 3 metres wide without a centre or side seam). For the home, hotel, restaurant, etc.

             3. Fabrics for printing on.

             4. Fabrics for apparel.

             5. Huckaback towelling fabric

             6. Fabrics for ecclesiastical linens

             7. Handkerchief linen

             8. Traditional tea towels, glass cloths.

             9. Various other home interior fabrics.

            10. Custom baby wrap fabric

            11. Customers own designs and custom weaving.

  • What can Irish Linen do for my business?

    Irish linen may cost more up front, but it is an investment, it has an increased service life and therefore may often not cost more per use. Never mind the potential marketing advantage the brand can give you over using non-branded linens..

    Using Irish linen, whether as bed linen or on the table, says a lot about your establishment. It is recognised by the cognoscenti, not only as a luxury fabric, but also as a choice of quality and of timeless classic style. It can be used as a marketing tool to differentiate you from the norm which is not always easy.

    When told that Irish linen petticoats for Follies dancers were far more expensive than plain cotton, Florenz Ziegfeld replied: "I know. But Irish linen does something to their walk & remember, they are Ziegfeld Girls!"

  • Chairman Receives MBE in Queen's Birthday Honours List 2017

    Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd. wishes to congratulate our Chairman, Mr Ralph Günther Bauer on receiving an MBE in the Queen''s Birthday Honours list 2017.

    For services to Textiles Manufacturing in Northern Ireland.

    Until 1998 Ralph was Managing Director of Franklins Group.

    During the seventies, Ralph was a Board Member with LEDU (Local Enterprise Development Unit).

    He was also a registered Director of City and Guilds in London from 2001 to 2010, during which time he was Chairman of the ILM (Institute of Learning and Management; part of the City and Guilds Group). Ralph has been distinguished as an Honorary Member of the Clothworkers Livery Company and was a member of their textile sub committee. 

  • Thomas Ferguson Pet Bandana


    What are all the best looking animals wearing this season? Why it is one of Fergusons Irish Linen's jaunty pet bandanas made from Irish linen !


    Our popper fastening bandana is the perfect gift for any pet, or even a treat for your fellow pet lovers.


    This triangle bandana can be worn by a range of animals as you can see from the images on our website, facebook and Instagram accounts. Our pet bandana is a fun little touch to show off your pet’s personality, or just perfect for that special occasion.

    Instagram: thomasferguson1854

  • You can buy Tom Ferguson Sunbed Towels Here

    Please click here to buy a new unique Tom Ferguson 100% linen sunbed towel.

    They dry quickly, pack away small and are up-to-date stylish.


  • And Now For Something Completely Different

    Using the knowledge and skill gained weaving traditional linen since 1854, this BRAND NEW PRODUCT is truly amazing when compared to what has gone before. Before 'Mr Terry' ever even thought of a towel, and going right back to Roman times, towels were woven out of linen. Fergusons still weave huckaback linen towels for royal families, nobility and VERY high end customers. HOWEVER, last summer, on a 'wee design notion' we held a trial of our new towels and the results were amazing, truly 'hit out of the ball park'.

    By taking our exclusive designs, changing the weave structure, the finish and adding colour we have changed the basic concept and dramatically increased the performance of what was a well-known object. Early market tests have shown that we are ' on to a winner' with this highly desirable towel and now is your chance to look good this summer.

    So what makes it so special that you’ve just got to have one? Here are a few pointers to get you started;
    1. Unique exclusive designs based on beaches, events, locations, tattoos & bespoke versions
    2.High absorbency,
    3. Ultra-Quick drying (no more soggy bottoms)
    4. Packs small,
    5.Naturally anti-bacterial (doesn't smell after multiple use)
    6.Naturally wicking (great to sleep under in hot climates)

    The adverts tell us there are ‘chocolate cakes’ and then there are 'Our' chocolate cakes. Well there are towels and there are Tom Ferguson Design Towels. If you own a pair of Ray-bans or lust after a pair of red soled shoes - you'll want one of our towels (everyone who sees them does!).

    The beach size is 183cm x 140cm, the sun bed size is 183cm x 70cm.
    Machine wash and tumble dry-able, and they have a soft finish so there is no need to iron!
    Matching scarves and accessories will be available soon too.

  • Thomas Ferguson New Range of Blankets and Throws

    Thomas Ferguson has designed a new range of blankets and throws to weave in their factory in Banbridge, Co. Down.

    All the blankets utilise the properties of Irish linen, but also use the properties of other fibres such as merino, lambs wool and cotton.

    All the blankets and throws have a separate story behind their inspiration. These vary from features in Irish nature, and heritage and history through to other things our designers have come across during their travels. 

    All these come together to produce a very unique affordable product which is not mass market, and are an organoleptic delight.

    To make a retail purchase please click here

  • New Improved Deals on Fabric by the Metre

    In response to requests from customers Thomas Ferguson is offering much more competitive prices for volume purchases of fabric by the metre.

    Please see our online shop for deals:


    Please also note fabrics for dyed fabrics for household furnishing and apparel can be bought on our from our sister company John England. Please see:

  • You Can Buy John England - Stock Dyed Apparel, Upholstery, Curtain Fabric Online

    For Thomas Ferguson customers who are unaware they have another wider source for dyed linen fabrics.

    John England (Banbridge) Ltd is a sister Irish linen company of Thomas Ferguson. It is part of the same Group of companies.

    John England specialises in selling dyed fabrics from stock for curtains, apparel, upholstery, etc.

    Retail customers can purchase a wide range of fabrics and colours online at the John England retail retail website. Please click here if you want to purchase.

    Any queries about John England fabrics should be directed to John England. Please click here for assistance with queries.

  • NEW ADDITIONAL PAYMENT METHOD: You can now pay by PAYPAL in the Thomas Ferguson online shop.

    In response to requests by our customers a new extra payment method has been added. You can now pay by PAYPAL in the Thomas Ferguson online retail shop.

    Happy shopping.

  • Thomas Ferguson Corporate Video - Reminder

    Recently we have been asked a few times whether or not we have a corporate film.

    Thomas Ferguson does have a corporate film and it can be seen by clicking here.

  • A Thomas Ferguson Double Damask Tablecloth on Display in Harrods Window

    A Thomas Ferguson, satin band design, double damask tablecloth and 4 napkins is currently on display in the homeware section window display of Harrods, London.

    Take advantage of this weekends special Saint Patricks day offer to buy one for your self.

    As a celebration of St. Patricks Day any orders placed for items, in our online retail shop, before 8:00hrs, 18th March, 2015 (our time) will receive a 17% discount off the price of all linens. All you have to do to get the discount is enter the word patrick15 in the voucher code box at the shopping basket stage.

  • New Redesigned Homepage Launched

    Thomas Ferguson has launched a new redesigned homepage and online shop.

    The new homepage has been designed so that it can be used more easily on phones and tablets.

  • Thomas Ferguson Help with Research on the Shroud of Turin Fabric

    Thomas Ferguson is helping "The Shroud of Turin Exhibition" charity investigate the fabric used in the Shroud of Turin.

    Work is being carried out by the Thomas Ferguson technical designer, Donna Campbell MA.

    Thomas Ferguson is also trying to reproduce the fabric on their own looms for test purposes.

    For the report please click here.


    Image copyright of "The Shroud of Turin Exhibition"

  • More About The Thomas Ferguson Drop Shipping Facility

    Drop shipping is becoming increasingly popular with online retailers and suppliers. Thomas Ferguson's online wholesale store is now offering our wholesale customers the option to use a drop shipping facility alongside the standard shipping method. This new process is really very simple to use.

    Drop shipping enables retailers to sell Thomas Ferguson linens without having to hold large quantities of stock. You sell the product to the customer at a retail price which you decide. Once your customer has placed the order with you, you then place the order with the Ferguson online wholesale website, in the normal way, at a wholesale price. At the shopping basket stage, you add the new shipping address for your customer, and choose the shipping option. Ferguson's then send the product straight to your customer. This saves any further effort on your part, and also saves one extra shipping cost, from you to your customer. You invoice your own customer, and you keep the difference between wholesale and retail prices for your efforts.

    Thomas Ferguson's will not solicit your customer for sales thereafter.

    If you have any queries regarding our drop shipping facility please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Thomas Ferguson celebrates its 160 year anniversary in 2014

    We are pleased to announce Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen celebrates 160 years in business in 2014.

    Although by 1854, the founder, Thomas Ferguson was already well established as a weaver. The company traces its beginnings back to 1854 when Thomas Ferguson took out the lease on the factory site where the company remained for 137 years. Until just after it was purchased by the current owners.

    Throughout 2014 there will be a number of small events to mark this milestone in the history of the company.

  • Thomas Ferguson Exhibit at NY Now in New York, 1-5th February, 2014

    Thomas Ferguson will be taking their range and new products to NY Now, Pier 94, New York from 1st-5th February, 2014. All will be made most welcome by our representatives Siobhan Lennon and Judith Neilly. Fergusons will exhibit at Booth 10029.

    Also showing on the stand will be linen fabrics from the John England range of fabrics. John England is a partner company.

    A unique opportunity to see Thomas Ferguson linens in USA.


      NY NOW NEW! spotlights newcomers to the New York market in a cross-category collection of home and lifestyle products. Some 250 new-to-market exhibitors will be grouped together at Pier 94

    February 1-5 (Saturday - Wednesday)
    New York's Newest, Pier 94
    9 AM - 6 PM daily 5 PM close on Wednesday, February 5


    Please click here to register.

  • Thomas Ferguson Exhibits at Showcase 19th-22nd Jan., 2014, RDS Dublin

    Showcase is Ireland's Creative Expo - now in its 38th year. It's your chance to stock up on unique, design-led products in fashion, knitwear, crafts, gifts and home accessories that will give you the competitive edge


    Sun 19 Jan     9.30am - 6.00pm
    Mon 20 Jan     9.30am - 6.00pm
    Tue 21 Jan      9.30am - 6.00pm
    Wed 22 Jan     9.30am - 4.00pm

    Showcase is for Trade only. To register please click here.

    Everyone is welcome at the Thomas Ferguson stand D28
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