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Titanic tablecloths and napkins just like those on the first voyage - now available from stock

26 March 2012

In the next few weeks will be the RMS Titanic centenary. As the ship was built in Belfast, only 25 miles away from Banbridge where Thomas Ferguson weave their linens, they would like to mark this centenary in some lasting way.

On board that great ship on its first voyage were 6000 Irish linen damask tablecloths, and 45,000 Irish linen damask table napkins. As Thomas Ferguson are now the only Irish linen damask weaver they have decided to reproduce as near as possible, in Irish linen, these linens which were used on that first voyage.

To be as near to the original as possible Thomas Ferguson has been licensed to use the White Star Line logo. From previous dealings with the original weaver Thomas Ferguson understands the table linen design used on the Titanic table linen to be an old industry design known as the “Adam” design; no doubt named after the designer and architect Robert Adam.


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