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Thomas Fergusons Design Archive

24 October 2012

Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen has a large design archive of unique damask tablecloth designs dating back as far as the 19th century. These designs are the copyright of Thomas Ferguson and many have not been woven for over 60 years, and have not been seen by modern customers.

There would be an enormous amount of work and cost to configure all of these designs so that they could be woven on our looms far beyond the resources of a small weaver like Thomas Ferguson & Co Ltd. 

However, if anyone is feeling particularly flush at present and wants a unique design they can peruse the archive and choose the design they wish to resurrect. Unfortunately it could take around £1500 to ready each design for weaving.

The least we could do for anyone who does help resurrect designs from this old archive is to rename the design after them, because it is unlikely they will ever see the light of day otherwise.