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What can Irish Linen do for my business?

3 January 2018

Irish linen may cost more up front, but it is an investment, it has an increased service life and therefore may often not cost more per use. Never mind the potential marketing advantage the brand can give you over using non-branded linens..

Using Irish linen, whether as bed linen or on the table, says a lot about your establishment. It is recognised by the cognoscenti, not only as a luxury fabric, but also as a choice of quality and of timeless classic style. It can be used as a marketing tool to differentiate you from the norm which is not always easy.

When told that Irish linen petticoats for Follies dancers were far more expensive than plain cotton, Florenz Ziegfeld replied: "I know. But Irish linen does something to their walk & remember, they are Ziegfeld Girls!"