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And Now For Something Completely Different

12 May 2016

Using the knowledge and skill gained weaving traditional linen since 1854, this BRAND NEW PRODUCT is truly amazing when compared to what has gone before. Before 'Mr Terry' ever even thought of a towel, and going right back to Roman times, towels were woven out of linen. Fergusons still weave huckaback linen towels for royal families, nobility and VERY high end customers. HOWEVER, last summer, on a 'wee design notion' we held a trial of our new towels and the results were amazing, truly 'hit out of the ball park'.

By taking our exclusive designs, changing the weave structure, the finish and adding colour we have changed the basic concept and dramatically increased the performance of what was a well-known object. Early market tests have shown that we are ' on to a winner' with this highly desirable towel and now is your chance to look good this summer.

So what makes it so special that you’ve just got to have one? Here are a few pointers to get you started;
1. Unique exclusive designs based on beaches, events, locations, tattoos & bespoke versions
2.High absorbency,
3. Ultra-Quick drying (no more soggy bottoms)
4. Packs small,
5.Naturally anti-bacterial (doesn't smell after multiple use)
6.Naturally wicking (great to sleep under in hot climates)

The adverts tell us there are ‘chocolate cakes’ and then there are 'Our' chocolate cakes. Well there are towels and there are Tom Ferguson Design Towels. If you own a pair of Ray-bans or lust after a pair of red soled shoes - you'll want one of our towels (everyone who sees them does!).

The beach size is 183cm x 140cm, the sun bed size is 183cm x 70cm.
Machine wash and tumble dry-able, and they have a soft finish so there is no need to iron!
Matching scarves and accessories will be available soon too.