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Thomas Ferguson Products

6 January 2018


Thomas Ferguson tries to be a flexible weaver that aims to give our customers the fabrics they want, with input to their own designs. One tablecloth with a bespoke Jacquard design, or custom size is not uncommon for us to weave.


We can supply fabrics for a range of end uses. The majority of our fabrics are linen or linen blends.We are able to keep minimum orders sizes, for stock items, to 5 metre, and our minimum custom dye run of 60 metres, and weaving to about 15 metres. We can also supply larger orders up to thousands of metres.


Our minimum weaving order for specialist fabrics is 30 metres. However, on a one-off basis we will  weave down to 10 metres for a sample order. However, larger quantities are more competitively priced as there is more meterage over which to spread transaction costs.


Some examples of Thomas Ferguson fabrics are shown below:

  1. Bed linen (fabrics up to 3 metres+ wide, optical white and ecru as standard)         

Thomas Ferguson bed linen technical details are as follows:

Superior Range (Ref.No.12):  22 ends/cm (44 linen lea NeL) x 22 picks/cm (44 linen lea NeL)

Premier Range (Ref. No.13): 29.5 ends/cm (55 linen lea NeL) x 26.3 picks/cm (66 linen lea NeL)

Premier Deluxe Range (Ref. No.16): 30 ends/cm (74 linen lea NeL) x 28 picks/cm (74 linen lea NeL)

         2. Table linen (plain and Jacquard up to c. 3 metres wide without a centre or side seam). For the home, hotel, restaurant, etc.

         3. Fabrics for printing on.

         4. Fabrics for apparel.

         5. Huckaback towelling fabric

         6. Fabrics for ecclesiastical linens

         7. Handkerchief linen

         8. Traditional tea towels, glass cloths.

         9. Various other home interior fabrics.

        10. Custom baby wrap fabric

        11. Customers own designs and custom weaving.