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Probably the highest quality linen tea towel woven today

18 February 2020

Thomas Ferguson Irish linen tea towel lettered 'Crystal Glass Cloth' (Ref.021) is probably the highest quality linen tea towel woven anywhere.

These high quality traditional items are centre striped and lettered. To see an image click here.

The Thomas Ferguson Crystal Glass Cloth is woven, cut , sewn, and wash finished in our factory in Banbridge Northern ireland. They may well be the only tea towels woven in the UK & Ireland.

The linen yarn used is high quality wet-spun line linen (Nm26) in warp and weft. With 36 warp yarns per cm, and 20 weft yarns per cm.

These towels will dry your glasses or dishes with the minimum of streaks, and the long line linen fibes will not leave lint behind.

On top of all this they are supplied with a washed and preshrunk finish. This softens, and removes much of the shrinkage.

These are available with traditional red or blue stripes and carry the Irish linen brand, with Made in Ireland woven on the centre stripe.

We may not be able to compete with low wage countries on price, but we can on value for money. This item should outlast cheaper versions, and is way more sustainable.

If you want to buy this unique item please click here.