About Us

The Company, bears the name of its founder, Thomas Ferguson and has been offering quality Irish linen to customers since 1854. Today there are still a few weavers weaving plain linens for apparel, but Thomas Ferguson is the only Irish linen damask weaver remaining in the whole of Ireland weaving traditional Irish damask table linen (click here to get a 360 degree view of Ferguson's weaving).

Everyone at Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen has a passion about what we do, and we are proud of our heritage and tradition. We have never lost sight of our main strengths which is our craftsmanship, and our culture for quality. These have been developed over generations.

The combination of fine linen yarns, creative design, skilled weavers, advanced loom technology, and careful finishing has brought Thomas Ferguson a reputation, and a credibility, of which we are proud. To this day, it stands for the best in linen damask and indeed Irish Linen. On top of this both the Ferguson and Irish linen brands, built up over generations, allows the customer to purchase with confidence, and buy a European made product, genuinely woven in Northern Ireland in our factory in Banbridge, County Down.

This is not to say we can't make mistakes, but we hope if we ever do, how we handle our mistakes also helps us stand out as a quality company, and may not deter people from coming back or recommending us to friends and family.

Company History

Irish Linen
If you want to be part of the rich heritage of Irish Linen and own your own piece of quality and history - remember it has to be woven in Ireland to be genuine Irish Linen. So always ask or look out for the Irish Linen Guild 'carpet beater symbol', the mark of true Irish linen. You can be assured that Thomas Ferguson linen damasks are all woven in Ireland. For more interesting information about Irish linen, you can visit the Irish Linen Guild website: www.irishlinen.co.uk

Customers - Internationally Acclaimed
Thomas Ferguson linens are supplied to top retail stores all over the world, and sold for uses such as wedding presents, and corporate gifts. In addition, they are often found in use in the finest hotels, and restaurants, as well as palaces, embassies and stately homes. This is due to a unique combination of quality, custom, style, service and weaving to order.

More recently Thomas Ferguson fabrics are finding themselves in use by top fashion designers as we are selling fashion fabrics through our sister company John England (Banbridge) Ltd. Again these fabrics are all made in N.Ireland.


What Thomas Ferguson can Supply

Thomas Ferguson are first and foremost a weaver of high quality Jacquard and plain fabrics. Most of these fabrics are used for top of the range household linens, and most are 100% Irish linen, or at least c.50% linen. Examples of the fabric end use are as follows:

  • Handkerchief fabric
  • Ecclesiastical linen/liturgical linen
  • Printing fabrics (PFP)
  • Bed linen (3 metres+ wide)
  • Table linen (plain linen, damask fabrics up to c.3m wide)
  • Tea Towel fabric (also with lettered centre stripe)
  • Huckaback fabric
  • Etamine fabric
  • Fashion fabrics
  • Theatrical fabrics, for theatre, opera, film and TV.
  • Dyed fabric (custom dyed subject to minimums) 
  • Linen blends 
  • Throws 
  • Coloured fabrics using dyed weft
  • Damask fabrics    (up to c.3m wide)
  • Commission weaving or warping (custom designs, etc.)

Thomas Ferguson also provide a basic cutting, sewing, embroidery and packaging service.

Commission Weaving, Warping and Bespoke Services
Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen specializes in commission weaving, warping and bespoke services to the customer's specification. This can mean in-woven cresting, an embroidered logo, company logo, company name woven into a tea towel, a coat of arms on a guest towel, your own design, various finishes, dyeing to shade or a special size.

Ferguson's can weave both plain or Jacquard fabrics, in mainly linen, cotton, poly/linen or poly/cotton. We specialize mainly in bespoke household fabrics, and fashion fabrics, or fabrics for printing. We can weave up to three metres wide.

If you require warp beams made and wish to inquire about the use of our commission warping service please email our production manager .

We have established a growing reputation as an innovative designer and work with retailers to develop their own brand collections.

The Company is also accredited with the Quality Assurance Standard BS EN ISO9001:2008.

"No competition is more intimidating than the legacy"