About Us


Within commercial boundaries Thomas Ferguson tries to be a flexible weaver that aims to give our customers the fabrics they want, with input to their own designs. One tablecloth with a bespoke Jacquard design, or custom size is not uncommon for us to weave.


Thomas Ferguson can supply fabrics for a range of end uses. The majority of our fabrics are linen or linen blends.We are able to keep minimum orders sizes, for stock items, to 5 metre, and our minimum custom dye run of 60 metres (250m for wide widths). We can also supply larger orders up to thousands of metres.


Our minimum weaving order for specialist fabrics is 30 metres. However, on a one-off basis we will  weave down to 10 metres for a sample order. However, larger quantities are more competitively priced as there is more meterage over which to spread overhead and transaction costs.


Some examples of Thomas Ferguson fabrics are shown below:

  1. Bed linen (fabrics up to 3 metres+ wide, optical white and ecru as standard)         

Thomas Ferguson bed linen technical details are as follows:

Superior Range (Ref.No.12):  22 ends/cm (44 linen lea NeL) x 22 picks/cm (44 linen lea NeL)

Premier Range (Ref. No.13): 29.5 ends/cm (55 linen lea NeL) x 26.3 picks/cm (66 linen lea NeL)

Premier Deluxe Range (Ref. No.16): 30 ends/cm (74 linen lea NeL) x 28 picks/cm (74 linen lea NeL)

         2. Table linen (plain and Jacquard up to c. 3 metres wide without a centre or side seam). For the home, hotel, restaurant, etc.

         3. Fabrics for printing on.

         4. Fabrics for fashion and apparel.

         5. Huckaback towelling fabric

         6. Fabrics for ecclesiastical linens

         7. Handkerchief linen

         8. Traditional tea towels, glass cloths.

         9. Various other home interior fabrics.

        10. Custom baby wrap fabric

        11. Customers own designs and custom weaving.




Thomas Ferguson's core business is as a Jacquard and plain fabric weaver.

Fergusons can weave Jacquard fabrics up to 3 metres wide (finished), and plain fabrics just over 3 metres wide (finished).

Ferguson's supply greige fabric either straight off the loom- (loomstate), or it can be bleached, dyed and finished, Sanforized, or have a washed preshrunk and softened finish.

The standard warp used is 100% linen (from flax). However, cotton warps can be used if the minimum order is over 1000 metres.

For weft, linen is the main yarn used, however cotton, wool, alpaca, and various other fibres can, and have been, be used on request.

The Company specialises in undertaking commission orders and providing bespoke services which involves weaving linen, tailored specifically to meet individual customer requirements. Almost all our products can be branded or personalised in some way. This may involve in-woven cresting, an embroidered logo, company name woven into a tea towel, a coat of arms on a guest towel, your own design or a special size. Our skilled design team use extremely advanced technology, which is perfectly set up to handle short runs e.g. one crested tablecloth or a set of specifically designed napkins.


Cutting,Stitching, and Embroidery

Although this is not ourb core business, at Thomas Ferguson we have our own small stitching and embroidery departments, and  can offer a wide range of hems and stitching options. Everything from plain, hemstitched and corded hems; to wider tablecloths made by joining narrower widths by flat felled seams.

Thomas Ferguson will make up one-offs for customers provided the order value for that item is over £120.00.

If you cannot wait for an inwoven crest, logo or mongram we can embroider what you require on a standard item from our range.



The main fabric widths Thomas Ferguson carry have a finished width of c.150cm and c.183cm. In these two widths we can supply special dye batches down to a about 60 metres in length. 

In the wider widths, above 183cm, up to c. 3 metres wide the minimum dye batch is 250 metres.

For a special dye batch the lead time is approximately 6 to 9 weeks. Time is taken to match your colour and get the customers approval of the colour from a dyed swatch.


Ferguson's Standard White

There are many shades of white.

Traditionally Thomas Ferguson damask linen has been ivory white. This is its unique shade, and showed the linen had not been over processed.

Ferguson white has been traditionally ivory white, and this is what Thomas Ferguson referred to as white.

In more recent years plain linen has been added to the range and due to demand from some sectors of the market a bright optical white was added to the collection. This better suited bed linen, and some other items. However, now it is also used for table linen as well.

Generally speaking if you buy Ferguson table linen you will get ivory white; if you buy bed linen you will get optical bright white. If you require different than this you should specify.


Washed Fabrics

Thomas Ferguson has its own laundry and can supply fabrics washed, pre-shrunk and softened.

For practical reasons washed fabrics are supplied in 20 metre lengths.