Can't find a standard size tablecloth to fit your table?

Create your own custom tablecloth here.....

It's really not too difficult.

SAVE MONEY: A 5% discount is automatically added for online custom built tablecloths.

By using the Thomas Ferguson 'create your own tablecloth' tool you can build your own custom sized tablecloth online. You can then purchase it through our secure online shop.

Only a part of the Thomas Ferguson range is available using this facility.

Design Steps:

  • First measure your table top dimensions
  • Then check the Ferguson size guide to see if a standard size might suffice.
  • If no standard size is recommended, or you want a better fit, then add the drop/overhang you want on all four sides (usually a minimum of 12"/ 30cm). If, for example, you do choose 12"/30cm remember to add 24"/60cm to the width and length to allow for the drop on each side.
  • Next choose the shape of tablecloth you want.

(NB: Natural fabrics do shrink. So don't be too neat with the size; especially on longer length tablecloths.............

Please also note this facility is not ideal for tablecloths smaller than 90cm x 90cm/c. 36" x 36")

design cost is automatically added, as the design must be reconfigured to suit your custom size tablecloth. If you choose any of the 'plain' fabrics there is no design cost.

The plain fabrics can usually be delivered reasonably quickly as the plain cloth is kept in stock. Those custom tablecloths you choose with a special design size, must be re-designed and woven from scratch. This will take 4-8 weeks, with our sustainable finish, depending on our workload.

The unique piece designed and woven especially for you is worth the wait.


*Shrinkage in laundering is seldom more than 8% to 10% in the length, and 4% to 5% in the width. You may want to allow for this in your calculations.

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What size of tablecloth do you require?

What shape of tablecloth do you require?