Comfort Blanket - Black Design


Based on a traditional 'Fever Blanket'.

This is the new larger size Thomas Ferguson made blanket. It is a heavy, 100% linen (flax) blanket. Oyster white. Very tough and rugged item. Flax is naturally anti bacterial reducing smells and odours. It is also wicking; taking perspiration away from your body.

Large 10cm hems top and bottom 1.3cm hems on 2 sides. With washed and pre-shrunk finish.

Ideal for many uses, especially where durability to heavy wear is required. 

The use no longer needs to be medical.

No medical recommendations are being made regarding the use of this blanket. 

Supplied with minimal packaging.


What is a Fever Blanket?

In the past it was an essential piece of equipment, whose purpose was to give comfort through a fever. Linen makes it extra special – both functionally and in how it looks!

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial (antibacterial)
  • Naturally wicking
  • Thermo-regulatory

Fever blankets seem to have been forgotten with time, however I’m sure you’ll have experienced one. Being too hot, then too cold, sweating regardless of temperature, and the complete lack of satisfaction that comes from either a sheet or a duvet when trying to just stay comfortable and sleep.

This is where the fever blanket comes in. It’s more substantial than a sheet and actively cools you when you’re hot by wicking away your sweat and letting your skin breathe. (That’s why a lot of hot countries traditionally wear clothes made from linen.) When you’re too cold, it also is able to insulate you, to stop you getting cold. Yes, it does sound a little bit like magic, but to be fair, it is that good.

It’s not fluffy, so it doesn’t irritate or annoy skin (or find its way into your eyes or mouth like some blanket fluff can). It’s a thick durable weave so it has a gentle textured feel, while also being super durable.

HOWEVER, forgetting the name for a minute, this blanket’s durability also makes it makes for a perfect throw for protecting the sofa (which inevitably becomes a blanket to wrap up in while watching TV).

At 175cm by 120cm, this fever blanket from Ferguson’s is just a little smaller than a single duvet (approx 6inches/15cm in length and width).

JE993W 120 01-B
100% plain linen heavy 'fever' Comfort Blanket
120 x 175 cm (47.0'' x69.0'')
Brown Paper & String

Should your requirement be for a cloth larger than those listed, please contact us, and we will promptly issue a quotation and lead time.

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