Heavy Herringbone Blanket Design

When enclosed with our Weighted Blanket, it can lower stress levels leaving your rengerizied, Our blankets use their weight to stimulate and relax your nervous system when the everyday stresses that come to a head. 

Our Blankets can can provide you a therapeutic, relaxing experience that is scientifically known to improve your sleeping patterns, allowing you to get to sleep much quicker while giving you a much deeper sleep from also relieving your antagonised pressure points.

So if you are relaxing at home, but you still feel stressed or restless, then relieving your body’s pressure points is exactly what you need to reduce your stress levels. 

Inspired, designed, and made with love our Heavy Herringbone Linen Blanket is soft, substantial and sensational.

Woven with the depth of a natural colour. Our heavy duty linen weft and a heavy duty  elephant yarn warp embodies the feeling of welcome, comfort and home.

Soft to the touch with the natural drape and weight that we all love in a blanket. Just to add that extra touch of luxury the blanket is subtly fringed all the way around.

The inspiration as you most likely already know, follows the Herringbone design.
How do you define the design? Herringbone follows a distinctive V shaped design and weaving pattern. This design is named because of its close resemblance to fish bones, namely, Herring Bones

This design is usually used with Twill Linen, using thick layered linen fabrics. In our case, the weighted blanket will keep you cosy and warm at all times, and will also look beautiful in any home setting. 

Weighted blankets benefits?

Not only will our weighted blankets be cosy, but it's also very long lasting. So when purchasing your blankets, look for blankets that will last and provide the most comfort, that's why after all, Linen is known as the world's strongest fabrics. So, durable is certainly the favoured word to describe the features of our weighted blankets!

The Linen fibres for our weighted blankets are naturally:

  • Antibacterial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-microbial
  • Naturally Wicking
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan

Meaning it is very soothing next to your skin.  It is also machine washable, tumble-dryable and is sustainably and responsibly made here in Co Down, N. Ireland.

Can weighted blankets be washed?

With our weighted blankets, which are produced from woven Linen, meaning there are certain types of ways to wash your weighted blanket. The most recommended way to wash your Linen, is on low temperature washes and a hint of detergent. When it comes to most thick layered Linen products, it is recommended  that you follow the above washing instructions.

JE993W 120 01-Herringbone
Heavy Herringbone Blanket
120 x 175 cm (47.0'' x69.0'')
Brown Paper & String

Should your requirement be for a cloth larger than those listed, please contact us, and we will promptly issue a quotation and lead time.

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