3x Gents Handkerchief - Punchspoked Design

Gents Punchspoked Handkerchief

Pack of 3

Traditional gentleman’s punchspoked handkerchief.

Introducing our Gents Corded Handkerchief. We all deserve a touch of luxury, and no discerning gentleman is complete without their Ferguson’s Irish Linen handkerchief.

Not content with just beauty, this handkerchief is made with Irish Linen, making it hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and breathable.

Colour: Optical White

Set GTF 046 01 P919-3 BH133
3 Gents Linen Punchspoked Handkerchiefs (42x42cm)

Should your requirement be for a cloth larger than those listed, please contact us, and we will promptly issue a quotation and lead time.

 I would like to have this item gift wrapped ( £2.75 )