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Horse Stable Rubber, Ref. 033 056 01, Dark Navy Stripe Design

These unique, natural ecru coloured, 100% Irish linen stable rubbers are not woven anywhere else. They are woven by Thomas Ferguson in Banbridge, and are ideal for rubbing down your horse after exercise.

Horses have a built-in wicking system so when their coats get wet, their body heat pushes the moisture out toward the tips of the hairs where it then evaporates into the air. Mostly this is sufficient, however if your horse is very wet you may need to help it to get dry.

Linen is made from flax, a natural very highly absorbant, and strong, natural fibre. Finished to give a soft handle. You can rub this over the wettest areas, such as the saddle, girth and flank area, and the ears.

If your horse is cold after  being out in the weather it is even more important to get the horse warm and dry with our linen rubbers.

Supplied in x1's with minimal packaging.

033 056 01 Natural/Dark Blue P470
Fine Irish linen cloth for rubbing down horse -lettered "Stable Rubber" in the centre band
56 x 74 cm (22.0'' x29.0'')
Retail Fold up to 12

Should your requirement be for a cloth larger than those listed, please contact us, and we will promptly issue a quotation and lead time.

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