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Ref. COM 018 01 T232, baby bonnet and handkerchief (magic handkerchief), lace Design

Made by Thomas Ferguson's this Irish linen, with lace edge, baby bonnet and bridal handkerchief combined (often referred to as the Magic Handkerchief or Magic Bonnet). Is an ideal baby gift, or wedding day token.

This is an heirloom which can be worn by the baby as a bonnet. Afterwards put away until the wedding day, and used as a little lace handkerchief by a girl, or "something old" by a boy. Likewise it can be used as a handkerchief on your wedding day, and then aferwards by the baby as a bonnet.

It can treasured and passed on to the next generation.

In a small pack of one.

COM 018 01 T232
Linen Baby Bonnet Handkerchief
18 x 14 cm (7.0'' x5.5'')

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