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Linen Huckaback Towels, Ref. 162 038 01 P463, (small sized), white Design

This is the Thomas Ferguson plain huckaback weave towel, with no damask design. Traditional off-white colour, with elegant hemstitched hems top and bottom.

The small huckaback towel has many uses, as a small hand towel, shaving towel, bidet towel, etc.

Huckaback towels, made from 100% Irish linen woven by Thomas Ferguson. Often shortened to huck towels. One of the chief merits of any towel is its capacity for absorbing moisture, like honeycomb, huckaback is well adapted for this purpose. This weave has been used since the Middle Ages to add greater volume to the linen fabric, and enhance it's drying properties. 

Huckaback towels pre-date our modern terry cloth towels (sometimes known as 'Turkish towels' in the US), which only appeared in the late 19th century. These huck towels of 100% linen are lightweight, highly absorbent, easily dried and pack away quite small so are excellent when travelling, because they take up less room than terry towels.

Add elegance to any bathroom, or guest room.

Ideal for those who don't like terry towelling.

Supplied x1 loose with minimal packaging

162 038 01 P463
Linen H/S Guest Towels
38 x 56 cm (15.0'' x22.0'')
Retail Fold (Shrink Wrap)

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