Sun Towels

100% Irish linen towel, Kalaloch Design

As the birds elegantly swoop and glide on thermals and currents in the South African sky, feel your very soul be renewed and the relaxation soak into your body as the sun sets over Kalaloch. Enjoy the glittering surf, see sundogs, and even a sun pillar after a languid day soaking up the rays.


This high quality 100% Irish linen sun scarf designed and woven by Thomas Ferguson, in N.Ireland, is completely unique.

Very functional, fantastic for drying, light weight, folds away small. Ideal for travelling.

Also, it dries quickly and easily itself, whether on the beach or the clothes line. 

It's really easy to care for. Machine wash and tumble dry-able, and they have a soft finish so there is no need to iron!

SUN03 070 01 P1776
100% Irish Linen Sun Bed Towel (medium size)
70 x 183 cm (27.5'' x72.0'')

Should your requirement be for a cloth larger than those listed, please contact us, and we will promptly issue a quotation and lead time.

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