Tea Towels

Linen/Cotton glass cloth ref.627 057 01 P470, red stripe Design

This is a traditional centre striped, lettered "Glass Cloth". Made to the same tried and tested Thomas Ferguson design for many years.

This is the Thomas Ferguson commercial/pub quality tea towel. It is a favourite for pubs and restaurants because of its low lint drying, and its durability, and its reasonable price.

It is excellent value because it usually lasts much more than twice as long, as a cheaper version half its price.

This is a good heavy quality linen/cotton glasscloth, and can be used just as easily in the home. It is an excellent economic drying cloth for your glassware, or dishes.

The ability of flax to absorb water rapidly is particularly useful for this application. Linen is about 20% stronger when wet than dry; which helps it withstand mechanical treatment in laundering and in use. 

 Supplied in x1's in minimal packaging.  


(*VAT is not added for countries outside the UK or EU)

627 057 01 P470
Union Glass Cloth (Red)
57 x 70 cm (22.5'' x27.5'')
Red Stripe
Retail Fold up to 12

Should your requirement be for a cloth larger than those listed, please contact us, and we will promptly issue a quotation and lead time.

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